Here’s to you!

My writing and editing class was asked to comment on our blogs about the reading that has influenced us most over this semester.  Well, from Classics to English to Journalism, I fell like I have been given a spectacular array of reading – from the ancient past in Classics, to the more contemporary present between Shakespeare and Sexton, to being propelled into the futuristic world of technology and the direction of the world with journalism.  I have been influenced by spectacular novels, outrageous movies, endless journal articles, zappy and zippy opinions, and heated conversations over coffee.  But none of this is really new – I mean I’ve always read the paper, and books, listened to the radio, and spoken about and analyzed events.

I started reading something else this semester – YOU!  Well, sort of…  My whole writing class was instructed to create blogs, and encouraged to follow each other.  So I did.  And then I started reading what my peers were writing.  The shy girl in the corner articulated herself so phenomenally I wanted to simultaneously applaud and give up writing at once.  The outspoken and opinionated lady I was too timid to tell how intimidatingly cool I thought she was, was a petrified writer who didn’t believe in herself – I wanted to hug her and tell her how wrong she was.  That quiet guy had so much story to tell and such a clear voice in telling it I was bowled over.

These people who I shared my class with and barely ever interacted with were living breathing inspiration all around me.  In their writing I saw them, and in reading it recognised myself.  We were all so scared, harboring such similar fears of inadequacy, yet all pushing through, writing furiously and fruitfully.  Whether they realise it or never know, the writing of my classmates has been what really got the writer/reader in me ticking again, thinking broadly, giggling and even tearing-up.  They gave me writing  to look up to, down and sideways at, but ultimately conclude that I have been extremely fortunate to have such impassioned writers to admire and grow with.

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